August 5, 2005

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White Bikes
Kroller_Muller Museum
Otterlo, The Netherlands, July 2005

The Kroller_Muller Museum is a modern art museum located in the heart of Holland's largest nature reserve, a 13,000 hectare woodland near the border with Germany. The white bikes are provided free to the public for use within the woodland park. There are hundreds - all alike. Cars are discouraged in the park which is crisscrossed by many hiking and biking trails.

The woodland is located on the outskirts of Otterlo, a small town 10 kilometers from Arnhem. Arnhem was the site of ferocious fighting in 1940 focused on a bridge over the Rhine river.

Between 1909 and 1935, Helene Kroller_Muller used the wealth that her husband acquired in international shipping to assemble a large collection of the new art of her time. This includes 87 paintings and 183 drawings by Vincent van Gogh along with many works of Mondrian and Picasso - and the list goes on. In the late 1920's, with the increasing impact of failing economies the collection was placed in a foundation and then in 1935 was presented to the Nation. Over the years the collection has continued to grow and has collected works by most prominent artists of each succeeding decade.

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