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August 25, 2006

Seafood Watch

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Red Sky at Morning
James Gustave Speth
Threats to Biodiversity and Ecosystems - 3 of 9
Read Threat #1 - Land use conversion
Read Threat #2 - Land degradation
Read Threat #3 - Freshwater Shortages

Seafood Watch - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Diver - Monterey Aquarium - August 2006

PDF of 2006 SeaWatch Guide
How to use SeaWatch Pocket Guides

What is Seafood Watch?

"A program of Monterey Bay Aquarium designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance of buying seafood from sustainable sources. We recommend which seafood to buy or avoid, helping consumers to become advocates for environmentally friendly seafood. We're also partners of the Seafood Choices Alliance where, along with other seafood awareness campaigns, we provide seafood purveyors with recommendations on seafood choices."


"...we begin a housesitting situation for two weeks before we fly to Amsterdam & Tanzania on Sept. 4."

"We awaken in the middle of the night to a series of loud noises above our heads - the sound of cracking wood, creaking, groaning, and the "whoosh" of air being displaced. These are the sounds of a large object falling fast." read more
"Our friends are physicians at the reservation hospital and live in a neighborhood of modern adobe houses and grassless lawns..." read more

Rich Kurczak - 8/20/2006 edition - Falling Trees & the Hopi Reservation NEW

Rich Kurczak - 7/20/2006 edition - Last Days in Cliff, New Mexico
Rich Kurczak - 7/09/2006 edition - SW New Mexico
Rich Kurczak - 6/23/2006 edition - Yampa River, Green River, Grand Staircase Wilderness


Photos - Monterey Bay - 2006

Low Tide I - Monterey Bay - July 2006

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Low Tide II - Monterey Bay - July 2006                   Low Tide III - Monterey Bay - July 2006

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Redbud Wind - energy project archive
Updated 5/19/06

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