August 19, 2005

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The Internationale Architectuur Biennale, Rotterdam, May 26-June 26, 2005

The Flood

There is a reason that the International Architecture Biennale held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in May and June of 2005 was named The Flood. The Dutch have for centuries been the world masters of managing the forces of the sea in a manner that has provided a safe haven and economic protection for its citizens. Now, as a nation, they are boldly planning for a future that may include a 20' rise in sea level as well as swollen in-land river systems due to global warming.

In the Netherlands there is no debate about whether global warming is real. They have accepted it as fact and recognize that even if radical reductions of emissions occurred today, global climate changes have already begun and will continue.

The Dutch will set an example of interventions and long range planning for coping with the changing global climate. Their models will be valuable for all coastal economies, including international tourism, major trade ports, commerce in coastal cities, farm lands and natural ecosystems.

To get a glimpse of what the Dutch are up to check out the National Geographic TV program, MegaStructures - North Sea Wall (see notes below)



MegaStructures North Sea Wall [TV-G]

Web Site for National Geographic TV

MegaStructures North Sea Wall [TV-G] In 1953 a killer storm surge floods the Dutch coastline and claims over 1800 lives, inspiring the construction of the biggest, most sophisticated flood defenses on the planet. Costing billions of dollars, the systems of giant concrete and steel sea wallsand retractable floodgates include one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World. But with sea levels rising across the globe, the fierce North Sea and swelling rivers threaten to breach the defences again and wipe out the Netherlands."

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