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July 7, 2006


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Yes, It's Been Getting Warmer in Here Since the CO2 Began to Rise
by Richard A. Kerr
Science Magazine - 30 June 2006

"WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The last decades of the 20th century were most likely warmer than any comparable period in the past 1000 years, a National Research Council (NRC) panel announced* at a press briefing here last week. The expert committee thus confirms the outlines of the near-iconic "hockey stick" temperature curve--a long cooling followed by a sharp warming during the past millennium--that had become a favorite target of greenhouse contrarians. But the committee also says the evidence in parts of the stick is fuzzier than the public and many scientists might have thought.

Illustration from the Science Magazine article

"The hockey stick arose from work published in 1998 and 1999 by statistical climatologist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University in State College and two colleagues. They compiled 12 Northern Hemisphere temperature records spanning the past millennium, using climate proxies such as the width of tree rings and the chemical composition of corals. The resulting temperature curve sloped gently downward for most of the millennium (the handle of the hockey stick), then rose sharply into the 20th century (the blade) until it topped the relative warmth of 800 to 1000 years ago. That turnaround suggested that humans played a hand in the recent warming.
Surgery With a Side of Fries
by Andrew Weil
New York Times OP-ED - July 6, 2006

"FOUR years ago, a group of researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a survey of hospitals and found that 4 out of 10 had fast food restaurants on their premises. Today, I'm afraid, that number can only have gone up judging by how often I and my colleagues cringe at the sight of new burger and pizza places in medical centers."
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Surgery With a Side of Fries


Mountain Stream

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