July 22, 2005

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SmartCar - Amsterdam, Holland, July 2005

Financial Times
Thursday, July 7, 2005
West told oil demand is too much for Opec

"The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the oil cartel, will be unable to meet western countries' demand projections in 10-15 years. Saudi energy officials have warned US and European governments.

"At today's prices, the world will need Opec to boost its production from 30m [million] barrels a day to 50m b/d [barrels per day] by 2020 to meet rising demand, according to predictions from the International Energy Agency, the energy watchdog for consuming countries.

"But Opec would have an "extremely difficult time" meeting that level of demand, senior Saudi energy officials have privately warned their US and European counterparts. By Saudi Arabia's calculations there is a gap of 4.5m barrels of oil a day between what the world needs from the kingdom and what Saudi officials think they can provide.

"High oil prices will continue to threaten global economic growth unless the Group of Eight industrialized countries take the lead in improving energy efficiency, Claude Mandil, chief executive of the International Energy Agency, said yesterday."

Photographs from Amsterdam, July 2005
There are at least as many bicycles as there are people in Amsterdam. Every street has a bicycle path. Often these paths have priority over pedestrains and autos. Sometimes there are combinations that include 1. a canal, 2. a tramway, 3. a bus route, 4. an automobile path, 5. a bicycle path, and 6. a pedestrian walk, all in the same corridor.

3 story bike garage - Amsterdam

Amsterdam July 2005

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