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July 21, 2006


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KnowledgeFarm has issued 70 newsletters since Bill Katavolos coined the name to reflect his vision of small rural learning centers tucked into the interstitial "left-overs" of circular irrigation fields on the great plains. KF subscribership has remained small and friendly - currently a master list of 29. Over the past year, about a dozen people decided it's not for them and dropped off the list while about the same number of new people signed on. For now, it is what it is, a weekly portrait of someone or someplace that seems to be making a difference for the health of the planet mixed with a collection of photographs I take along the way and quotes that I find particularly inspiring. This probably won't change much. I have added the Travelogue as a way to follow Rich Kurczak on his way to Africa and back and this section may grow as others contribute similar adventures.

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In the coming months the newsletter will feature these two fascinating subjects:

Bill Katavolos' new work addressing coastal disaster relief planning in the form of self sustaining fish farms that can withstand tidal surges and convert to shelters for evacuees.
Peter Ralston's ongoing work at the remarkable Island Institute in Rockland, Maine where they support education, fellowships and housing in the working waterfront islands of the Maine coast.
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Modeling Sustainable Food Sourcing
Bon Appetit Management Company

I enjoyed the impressive quality and freshness of food provided by Bon Appetit in the campus cafeteria of Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. The cafeteria is organized in four zones, North, South, East and West where four distinct food styles are offered, all high quality and all healthy. Bon Appetit's pledge is to buy fresh foods from local suppliers within 150 miles of where the food is prepared and served.

chef with farmer

"Bon Appetit Management Company is an onsite custom restaurant company that provides cafe and catering services to corporations, colleges and universities, and specialty venues. Bon Appetit's goal is to be known for its culinary expertise and commitment to socially responsible food sourcing and business practices."

"Farm to Fork is a Bon Appetit company-wide initiative to buy locally. The first choice is to purchase seasonal, regional and organic produce from local farmers and artisan producers within a 150-mile radius. These local products are served within 48 hours of harvest. The result is delicious food, stronger communities and healthier customers."

"Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We purchase local and seasonal products. We make our food alive with flavor and nutrition. Our freezers are small and our intention to serve great food is big."

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Link - Sustainable Sourcing
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Rich Kurczak - 7/09/2006 edition - SW New Mexico
Rich Kurczak - 6/23/2006 edition - Yampa River, Green River, Grand Staircase Wilderness

Photos - Summer 2006

Organic Sunflower

Sage I

Bread I


Redbud Wind - energy project archive
Updated 5/19/06

Click the wind turbine icon to see progress notes
for the Redbud Wind I site at Enid, OK.

Page Link - See data sheets for Redbud Wind

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