June 24, 2005

Summer Break           KnowledgeFarm will be "on vacation" from June 17 - August 20. Publication will resume on August 26, 2005. Over the coming summer weeks you will receive KF E-mail with photographs and short subject commentary.

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Enjoy your summer!

We are living in a world of contrasts where greed and ignorance can magnify the issues of energy and climate change. The example of Nigeria is a striking one. All the more reason to do what you can to tip the scale.
Ken Wiwa from Fueling the Future

"If Nigeria did not exist you could not invent it. Imagine a country that is the sixth-largest oil producer but has to import gasoline and is one of the poorest in the world. A country that provides constant electricity to most of West Africa but suffers from frequent power outages. A country whose scientists, writers and engineers have won the highest accolades around the world but is a byword for corruption and systematic inefficiency. Nigeria is a country that defies logic; it is a country where, as my father once lamented, "The only wrongdoers are those who do no wrong."

"As new technology opens up new horizons for humankind, we in Nigeria are slipping back into the Dark Ages. Nigeria is like a crazy quilt of the old and the new; a baroque mix of the latest consumer goods littered around a landscape of poverty. While the elites accumulate unimaginable wealth, feeding off the country's assets, millions of Nigerians have to survive on the scraps."

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