June 16, 2006

Summer Break           KnowledgeFarm will be "on vacation" from June 10 - June 29. You will receive a shortened version of KF E-mail with photographs and short subject commentary.

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Enjoy your summer!


Wendell Barry
In Rain

"I go in under foliage
light with rain-light
in the hill's cleft,
and climb, my steps
silent as flight
on the wet leaves.
Where I go, stones
are wearing away
under the sky's flow.

"The path I follow
I can hardly see
it is so faintly trod
and overgrown.
At times, looking,
I fail to find it
among dark trunks, leaves
living and dead. And then
I am alone, the woods
shapeless around me.
I look away, my gaze
at rest among leaves,
and then I see the path
again, a dark way going on
through the light.