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March 31, 2006

Spring Break

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On vacation this week - Spring Break - visiting colleges in the upper midwest.
KF News will be back next week.



Carleton College - Northfield, MN
Wind Turbine

The sign says...

"1.65 Megawatt NEG Micron Turbine
Property of Carleton College

"This turbine is capable of producing about 6 million kilowatt hours of pollution-free power annually, which is about 40% of Carleton's annual electrical needs or enough power for 600 homes locally. The College is committed to be a more environmentally sustainable campus and will continue to contribute to the sustainability of the community.

"The blades turn at a standard consistent speed of 14.2 revolutions per minute, no matter how windy it is. If you have questions about the turbine, please call 507-646-4167 or see the Facilities Web site http://webapps.acs.careton.edu/campus/facilities/Sustainability/ "



Lawrence College - Appleton, WI
Copper Leaf Beech Tree - I & II

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