Vol. 1 Number 1
February 1, 2005


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Photojournalism, a model of diversity

I have lately been fascinated by the work of photojournalists, old and new . Several books have fueled this "awakening" (see list below) and I have chosen this subject for this newsletter. There are, and have been, many fine photojournalists whose works have captured hugely diverse images of our world. For this issue I have chosen to focus on the photographic art of one contemporary photojournalist, Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

One underlying rule of sustainability is diversity. This principle is well represented In Yab's work (he refers to himself as Yab). His web site provides a door to his photography and to an education segment titled Understanding The Earth which is focused on eight major sustainability issues.

The web site is

By going to this web page and selecting "Welcome" you are taken to a directory page where you can select "ECOLOGICAL STAKES" at the lower left or you can spend time browsing the various links to the superb collections of images. I especially recommend visiting three categories; "THE EARTH FROM ABOVE", "THE FRENCH" and "ANIMALS". In all cases the treatment is first class.


Earth From Above - 365 Days
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Harry N Abrams; 2001
amazon link

The Great LIFE Photographers
Bullfinch Press; 2004
amazon link

In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits
National Geographic; 2004
amazon link

George Rodger - An Adventure in Photography, 1908-1995
Carole Naggar
Syracuse university Press 2003
amazon link

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