December 9, 2005

Wes Jackson

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Wind Energy Project
The Redbud Wind project was profiled in the 12-2-2005 issue of KnowledgeFarm. Use this icon to review or click the link at the left to read the December 2 newsletter.

This wind turbine icon provides a link to track progress at the Redbud Wind I site at Enid, OK. The intent is to provide an ongoing look inside the procedures of wind energy analysis at this site. The icon will appear in future newsletters.

Wes Jackson
The Land Institute's Wes Jackson recognized by Smithsonian Magazine

"Innovators of Our Time" is how Smithsonian headlines its 35 salutes to "explorers of the spirit, rebels with a cause, each doomed by his or her particular genius to show us the high road to new territory."

"Wes Jackson, Ph.D., President of The Land Institute. Salina, Kansas. He resigned a professorship with tenure to found The Land Institute in 1976. Pew Scholar, MacArthur Fellow, and Right Livelihood Award. Books include Man and the Environment, New Roots for Agriculture, Meeting the Expectations of the Land (edited with Wendell Berry and Bruce Colman), Altars of Unhewn Stone, and Becoming Native to This Place."

Web Link - The Land Institute
Web Link - Smithsonian Magazine - Wes Jackson

Quotations from Wes Jackson

As is the case for many innovators...
The Land Institute depends on grants and
donations to keep its important work going.

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Photo of the week

Near Boulder, CO

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Fields of Plenty

"In the face of supersizing and a fast-food nation, a growing community of organic farmers and food artisans are producing sustainable nourishment that is respectful to the land and rich in heritage, flavor, and passion. In Fields of Plenty, respected farmer, teacher, and ecology advocate Michael Ableman seeks out these innovative and committed farmers to reveal how the fruits of those who till the soil go beyond taste. From Knolls farm in California, famous for succulent figs tree-ripened to perfection, to an urban farm in Chicago that sustains an entire community, his odyssey takes him to farmers who are trying to answer questions of sustenance philosophically and, most importantly, in practice. Illustrated with evocative color photographs of the land and the people who work it, and accompanied by a bountiful selection of recipes, this beautifully written memoir reveals the power of food as a personal and cultural force."

Fields of Plenty
by Michael Ableman
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