January 6, 2006

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This week KnowledgeFarm introduces an archive of photographs housing many of the images that have appeared in the Newsletter over the past year. The archive begins with just seven landscapes but it will continue to grow with time.

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   Innovation - From Incrementalism to Leadership
   by Gil Friend

"...John Ehrenfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and industrial ecology leader, questions the conventional approach to sustainable development: "Creating true sustainability," he argues in a recent Society for Organizational Learning journal article, "requires radical solutions, not quick fixes, (beginning) by examining our own behaviors and assumptions regarding consumption, personal satisfaction and technology."

"Sustainable Business: A Declaration of Leadership" is my current contribution to that discussion. This declaration challenges already-good companies, developers, designers and public authorities to even higher levels of thinking, aspiration and performance -to move beyond slowing our decline, and to invent and implement the ways to win the race to sustain- ability."

Link - get a Sustainable Business Poster PDF
Link - see this article in Green@Work Magazine

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Photo of the week

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Redbud Wind - energy project archive

This wind turbine icon provides a link to track progress at the Redbud Wind I site at Enid, OK. The intent is to provide an ongoing look inside the procedures of wind energy analysis at this site. The icon will appear in future newsletters.

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