January 13, 2006

Energy Credits

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This week introduces the second KnowledgeFarm photographic archive. The images have appeared in the KF Newsletter over the past year. The following links provide access to archives

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Historic Renewable Energy Credit Purchase to Offset 100% of Company's Electricity Use

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan 10, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Whole Foods Market (WFMI), the world's leading natural and organic foods supermarket, has made a landmark purchase of renewable energy credits from wind farms to offset 100% of the electricity used in all of its stores, facilities, bake houses, distribution centers, regional offices and national headquarters in the United States and Canada. This is the largest wind energy credit purchase in the history of the United States and Canada and makes Whole Foods Market the only Fortune 500 Company purchasing wind energy credits to offset 100% of its electricity use.

As of December 9, 2005, Whole Foods Market is purchasing more than 458,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy credits from wind farms. This purchase will avoid more than 700 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution this year. To have the same environmental impact, more than 60,000 cars would have to be taken off the road or more than 90,000 acres of trees would have to be planted.
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Web Link - Motley Fool news report about the Whole Foods Market energy credit purchase

Whole Foods Market has chosen Boulder, Colorado-based Renewable Choice Energy as its exclusive supplier of renewable energy credits after an extensive search process.
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To help evaluate options and facilitate the purchasing process, Whole Foods Market involved the Washington, DC-based nonprofit environmental think tank World Resources Institute (WRI).
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News from the Center for Rural Affairs


"Initiative 300, Nebraska's Ban on Corporate Farming, Struck Down in Federal Court

"In 1982, by a vote of the people, the constitution of Nebraska was amended to include a provision that prohibited corporate farming.

"Article XII of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska...Sec. 8. (1) No corporation or syndicate shall acquire, or otherwise obtain an interest, whether legal, beneficial, or otherwise, in any title to real estate used for farming or ranching in this state, or engage in farming or ranching...

"But on December 15, 2005, a federal judge declared that Initiative 300 interferes with interstate commerce and violates the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and enjoined the state of Nebraska from enforcing the law. Attorney General Jon Bruning promised to appeal the decision. Initiative 300 will remain in effect while the case is appealed.

"Initiative 300 has been part of an agricultural climate in Nebraska that has helped the state retain more family farmers and ranchers than many other states while also retaining agricultural production. And Initiative 300 has helped rural Nebraska communities weather many economic challenges, by considering the good of the many over the wealth of a few.

"Dr. Rick Welsh and Dr. Thomas Lyson found in a 2002 report that anti-corporate farming laws are beneficial to the economies and people of rural communities when compared to states without such laws. Rural communities in states with anti-corporate farm laws have lower poverty levels, lower unemployment, and a higher percentage of farms reporting cash gains."

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From the CFRA web site.
"We live in an era of profound change - when institutions, policy, and life are being fundamentally reshaped. It is a critical time for people of conscience to work together in guiding change to reflect our highest values. To that we commit the Center for Rural Affairs."

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Redbud Wind - energy project archive

This wind turbine icon provides a link to track progress at the Redbud Wind I site at Enid, OK. The intent is to provide an ongoing look inside the procedures of wind energy analysis at this site. The icon will appear in future newsletters.

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