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Mission Statement

KnowledgeFarm is an independent journal without attachments to commerce or politics. We believe in creativity and learning as the basis for making a difference. Our mission is to create a polyculture of information as a "seedbed" for learning about how to save the planet. Our target audience is anyone, young or old, who is curious about connections between disciplines that breed knowledge.

The thoughts underlying KnowledgeFarm are these:
  1. Diversity is the root system of sustainability.
  2. Farming is a process of cultivating and harvesting.
  3. These are facts, both literally and metaphorically.

One inspiring polyculture example is 9-Mile Prairie near Lincoln, Nebraska where 392 species of plants and 80 species of birds thrive in a mutually supportive manner. KnowledgeFarm aspires to demonstrate this kind of richness.

We believe the process of acquiring knowledge succeeds best when there is a diversity of information and ideas; knowledge has greater depth and endurance when it spans across disciplines.

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